-SUN GAZING Oil 2010.  A reflection of my Soul.


Have you  noticed how your body feels when you are in the midst of a creative process? Are you relax, happy, focused?  Is your mind, your heart, and your effort aligned?  How does your heart feel?   What happens when you receive an image in your mind of a picture, a fabric, a design you want to create?  What goes on inside of you as an idea of a new product, business, a different way of doing things comes to you? What happens within you as you sit in front of a canvas and your hands start moving,  your mind doesn’t know where it’s going… and yet you find yourself creating something beautiful!. Can you perceive how your physical body becomes alive?. 

Breathe… feel your body…as you bring these sensations into it…how does this feel different than when you forget you are a creator?

When you are  in this state of wonder, joy, centeredness, your energy field is in expansion.  You are connected to your  Soul, and to your Higher Self.  You know this is a moment of Truth because you are bringing into physical manifestation a part that is you and only you.   It’s Truth because you are in integrity with your Being.  You share with the World your unique frequency of Light, it is your gift to this planet, and so it is embedded with Love.

What would change if you’d realize this was your  True Destiny?.   Can you learn to use your Energy and Consciousness for the sole act of Creation?   Where in your life  are you still using energy that is not for expansion?  That is still recreating old patterns, old believes that have no use anymore as they don’t bring joy and growth to you…  

As an energy healer, I believe that when we release the energy that is trapped in old and limiting belief systems and in emotions that have not been allowed to flow before, this energy is transmuted,  and then, when  utilized with Intention, we can manifest  our unique vision of the world.  We  can  create a magnificent work of art,  write a magical story, elaborate  a new product, a new business idea, and more important, a new Society, a different way of being.

We can learn to Create a more purposeful  Life as we Align with our Intention of Being in this planet  Here and Now and  realize that we are part of the vastness of a Universe that is filled with creative and conscious energy that conspires to bring into manifestation what we focus on. 


From my heart to yours, 




-“Space is the Breath of Art”- Frank Lloyd Wright

-“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.”-Albert Einstein

-“Take up one idea. Make one idea your life – think of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.” -Swami Vivekananda

-“YOUR LIFE IS YOUR CREATION.  What will you create in your life? It is your life, no one else’s. You have complete free will of choice in your life. Pleasure is your destiny. Pleasure is the expression of the divine in wholeness. Pleasure sings the song of your soul." -Barbara Brennan, Seeds of Spirit 2008