When I started to paint...

When I started to paint.... in Quito, Ecuador


Ever since I was  a little girl, I was very curious about the world.   I wanted to know everything! I was a science lover and would be reading books about the different theories of the Creation of the Universe, of advanced civilizations that existed before this one, about the planets, the galaxies, the Cosmos!   There has always been so much evidence…of how magical and mysterious this world is… and that view of a miraculous world instilled in my heart. 

This “unconventional” view of the world led me to a spiritual journey in which both science and spirituality go hand by hand.  We are indeed in this time entering another Renaissance period, where Light is shining…into our Minds, as Scientists become aware of the rol of Sacred Geometry and Consciousness in the Creation Process…into our Hearts, as we learn that an open Heart is the doorway for Healing and bringing forth Love and thus a higher Awareness of who we are as Creators of our world…into our Actions, as we learn to Align with a Higher Purpose and bring fulfillment and joy into our Life.

It is part of my Life’s Purpose to remind Humanity through my paintings that we are all Sons and Daughters of the Divine.  We are Light.   We can attune to the Higher frequencies of Love and Compassion, and become channels for healing as we remember that we are co-creators of our Destiny.

There is Beauty, Wonder, Expansion when I create my Art!  There is Pleasure as Divine Love flows from my Heart.  I am in deep gratitude to the Universe that allows me to express Love through colors and magical shapes.  


From my heart to yours,



“You are the Creator of all that you long for. Simply by your knowledge that you long for it, you can be absolutely sure that you have already began its creation.” -Barbara Brennan, Seeds of Spirit 2005