Gold and silver and precious stones… elements used to build  Palaces and Edenic structures!

I love playing with gold and  silver  leaves, taking tiny pieces of this material to give shape in my paintings to the Sun Star, to Temples, to Pyramids and other geometric figures that represent the vibration of Light and higher dimensions of Consciousness.

What do you feel in your body when you relate to gold… in the form of the raw metal? What comes to your mind? Maybe a masculine energy? Strong, wise, with Majestic Presence.  Abundance, Infinite, Creation, Beauty are some of the words that come to my mind.   

What happens with Silver?  To me it’s a reflection of Divine Feminine, Softness, Nurturing and also Beauty and Majesty.  

They symbolize the Divine Masculine and Feminine, active and passive polarities of creation…Divine Partnership to manifest  Beauty, that is what I long to bring to your hearts.

From my Heart to yours,


-“All predilections for pleasure arise out of the Divine and are Divine.” Brennan, Barbara.   Seeds of Spirit 2004, pg. 14