As a child, reading  about Atlantis and Lemuria and other ancient civilizations aroused my curiosity about pyramids and other structures and symbols.  They seemed mysterious and powerful. What were they created for? And who created them?  Our main-stream scientists have not been able to answer these questions.   Fortunately,  books from archeologists like Erick Von Daniken,  Zecharia Sitchin,  and other open-minded scientists were available to me as they brought in the element of possible extraterrestrial origins of these constructions. Their stories were much more interesting.  Mystics and legends explained these forms seemed to be Temples of Light where souls would experience connection to Higher frequencies and be awakened.  There were stories told of how they were portals that would connect us to other stars, Orion, Sirius, the Pleiades.  It was magical.  It opened my heart and mind to the possibility that we were much more than only the inhabitants of this planet, that maybe we were children of the stars.   That maybe it is possible to bring that Light from the “other places” in the Cosmos, to this Earth.

Through my  painting “City of Light” I am sharing my Vision of a New Earth, where we are reminded where we come from, and that we are Sons and Daughters of the Most High God.  That  our Home is anywhere in the Universe where we can connect to the Original Source of all Creation in a way  where Souls can come together in Unity, where the architectural structures are embedded  with sacredness.  This is what I want for this planet.  

This expansive way of looking at Life connects me  to the Creator in a deeper way than when I see myself alone in the vastness of the Universe,  separate from all other creations.   These symbols talk to my Soul.  They tell me that we have a cosmic history, that we may be more powerful than what we think.   That we may have an important destiny to fulfill.


From my heart to yours,