“Ascension” is a recurrent theme in my paintings as it is deeply embedded in my heart’s longing so I experience Divine and Joyful pleasure reminding myself and everyone of this potential aspect our Soul can achieve.
 This planet is  in the process of awakening and that means we are remembering   that   we were all manifested from  the same primordial energy of Creation.  We are all extensions of the Creator’s energy, and therefore embody his/her same attributes.  Mystics say we came from this higher frequency of existence into more denser planes as the Godhead desired to experience himself/herself as Love through us.  There  was an  Intention.  We were send out to this  world to manifest beautiful and exquisite works of art, music, literature, architectural forms, and so much more.  As we all came from this Source, we all have the capacity to return to it more evolved once our earthly experience has been completed.  This is how Source evolves and becomes even more Conscious of himself.  It is part of the Divine Plan.
“Ascension” is then a possibility for all Creations of God.
Every single one of us has the gift of creativity.   Manifesting our longings  is the reason for existing.  Our highest creations come from an open heart that is balanced, that has wisdom and clarity to carry out our desires.
In my paintings you’ll encounter  depictions of Group Ascensions.   There is free will in entering this Sacred Path, but when we choose to do it, we’ll meet souls who speak our language, a language of Light, who are there for us and become our sacred containers as we go through the shedding of the layers that were unconscious once but now choose to be present and aligned with the Intention of the Soul.   There is joy in finding our Tribe.
The Sun  is the representation of Source, where our Soul longs to return. It is the external God.  Churches or religious signs in my Art represent the sacredness of this Journey.  The places we go to find the God within.
As we embody our “lessons” learned, there comes a moment when we are ready to return Home.  And Home is  wherever your Soul chooses to be.  It is a frequency of Light as we are Light also.
Breath deeply… feel this expression in your body…that you are Light… How does this  feel like for you?   Does it align with your truth?
From my heart to yours,
-“The ascension is not an end—it is a beginning. When you transcend this narrow spectrum of human existence, you live forevermore, a Son of God, continually transcending planes of consciousness, exploring new dimensions, using free will, retaining your individuality and taking part in the grand evolutionary spiral of life throughout the cosmos.”-  Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
-“YOU? GOD? From the greater perspective, it is quite outrageous to claim that you are God. And yet, of course, how could you be nothing other than the divine that encompasses all that there is? If one separates oneself from all that there is and then claims to be God,  one is, indeed, being outrageous!”-Seeds of the Spirit 2002, Barbara Brennan.
-“We are here to awaken from the Illusion of our separateness” – Thich Nhat Hank